Grandfathering under UK-REACH

GB-based registrants of ethanol, fusel oil or vinasses that intend to grandfather a substance registration under UK-REACH need to submit data to HSE about the substance they intend to register.

19 February 2021567 x viewed

UK-REACH registration of ethanol, vinasses and fusel oil

The Ethanol-REACH Association prepared and submitted the EU-REACH registration for Ethanol and two associated substances (vinasses and fusel oil) for the appropriate deadlines of regulation 1907/2006, and since then manages membership of the joint registrations and the dossiers, keeping them up to date with EU-REACH developments.

1 December 2020783 x viewed

Classification proposal for Ethanol

On 14th August, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) updated the Classification and Labelling Registry of Intentions (RoI) with the following entry for Ethanol, submitted by Greece

10 September 20202203 x viewed