This section contains information on how to apply for membership or purchase a Letter of Access for the registration of Vinasses.

There are two ways of obtaining the information necessary for the registration of Vinasses under REACH: (1) membership of the Vinasses Consortium under EtOH-REACH and (2) the Letter of Access option.

Membership of the Vinasses consortium is open to all members of EtOH-REACH. Non-members need to apply for (associate) membership of EtOH-REACH when applying for membership of the Vinasses Consortium.

The Vinasses Consortium has registered 5 types of Vinasses in 2010. The substance identity profiles can be found below, as well as the membership application form and Letter of Access order form.

Costs for membership or a Letter of Access are tonnage-dependant:

  • 0-100 tonnes per year: 2301,16 euro
  • 100-1000 tonnes per year: 4698,26 euro
  • More than 1000 tonnes per year: 25659,77 euro

These prices are valid until 31 May 2019.


These fees are valid until 31 December 2019. Please note that for LoA applicants which are not member of the Ethanol REACH Association there is a surcharge of 750 euro, idental to the requirement of membership of the Association for companies applying for Vinasses Consortium membership.


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